Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Champions!!

Braden played basketball with the Morris Blue Devils this year. They were good, they only won a couple of regular season games, but the ones they lost were only by one point and in overtime. We went into the end of the season tournament, not thinking we would win any games. In the first game, we knocked out the #1 team. In the second game, we knocked out the last Gardendale team in it..still, we couldn't believe we were there! And, of course, always thought the next game would be our last. We played Fultondale for our spot in the Championship game and WON!!! We played another Morris team in the Championship...we didn't start out very good. In the 4th quarter, we were down 12-7...we thought there was no way we could catch up. The boys played their hearts out and they played so well, each and every one of them. Braden made a shot with 18 seconds to go, and put us up by one point...We Won the Game!!!! It was a great season and we can't say thank you enough to our Coach, Jeff Chandler. Can't wait to do it again next year!